Come in and visit the sixties


Now you have come to our Sixties room where we try to recreate what it could have looked like in a Swedish home in the 1960s. Television broadcasting had begun in 1956, but many families bought their first television in time for the World Cup in 1958.

The most common TV set was a 19 inch black and white TV made in Sweden. It would be 1969 before we got a second channel. Yes, it was a different world then.

In the living room there would also be a radio, and preferably a radio gramophone that could play both 78 records and the new EP and LP records. If you wanted to be really with it you could have a wire player, a kind of forerunner to the tape recorder.

When the family gathered in the evening to watch TV or listen to the radio, there would be coffee on the table, of course, in the special thermos that was called the TV jug. And while mother was knitting, father smoked a cigarette or puffed on his pipe. On the wall hangs a string book shelf. And that is how it was in the 1960s.

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