Listening contact with the whole world


Around the world map you have in front of you are a number of postcards from radio stations around the WORLD. We DX-users call these "QSL cards". It is a card received from a radio station as a confirmation that they have been able to hear our broadcast heard. The DX hobby is about listening to radio broadcasts from all corners of the world. Before we had Internet it was a challenge to listen to radio from foreign countries.

A DX-user who managed to hear a certain radio station wanted to have proof that he really had heard it. One wrote a letter reporting the content of the programme and how well it had been heard. One sent the letter by mail and then one waited and waited. Would something from this station turn up in the letter box? It could take weeks, months, sometimes years before the answer came. But there was great rejoicing if and when the QSL card arrived.

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