Radio high up in the sky


In the large cabinet there is are flight radio radios from about 1955 to 1975. It is equipment that was mostly mounted in smaller planes such as club planes, general aviation and police helicopters. In this stand is the receiver that takes in current radio frequencies in western Sweden. You can see the frequency at which it temporarily stops and listens on the front. Reception is live, that is, the antenna that is mounted on the Museum's roof intercepts aviation radio traffic, including radio from Landvetter and Säve Airfield, that you can hear now.

On the shelf opposite is an interesting radio - SAS's first flight radio. The unit was manufactured around 1945 by the Standard Radio company. It was commissioned to equip the DC3 planes that became surplus after World War 2 and were subsequently purchased by SAS. Approximately 50 DC3 planes were equipped with this radio, marked RM 6325.

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