Göteborgs Radio SAG


We have now come to the coastal radio area. Ships at sea could, of course, telegraph or talk to each other, but without coast stations they would not have had the possibility to come into contact with shipping companies, port authorities or with maritime safety organisations.

In this area there are three radio desks that come from the now defunct Göteborg Radio, whose station signal was SAG. These three desks represent three different eras from 1948 and onwards. The first desk, immediately to the right when you enter our meeting room, Hugo Hammar hall, was used for emergency traffic and calls. The Sea Rescue centre for the area from Strömstad in the north to Falsterbo in the south and Lakes Vänern and Vättern was coordinated from this desk, using frequencies 500 khz for telegraphy and 2182 khz for telephony as well as VHF channels.

You can hear parts of an authentic recording of the radio communication in connection with the fire aboard Scandinavian Star on 6 April 1990. It records this disaster that cost 158 lives. The rescue work was led by Göteborg Radio from this desk.

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