The latest technology once upon a time - military flight radio


Here at the military Radio section is the first flight radio that worked on the VHF band 110-150 MHz. Air traffic communication on the shortwave band previously used was not always reliable. This flight radio was called FR7 in Sweden, in the USA SCR522, and was mounted in the J26 Mustang fighter that Sweden bought in from the United States after the War.

To the right of the Mustang radio is the radio that was mounted in an S31 Spitfire that was purchased from England. It was named FR8 in Sweden and was mounted in the J28 Vampire, J29 "the Flying Barrel", S31 Spitfire and Saab Satir SK50 and other aircraft.

Behind the FR8 radio there are FR 2 and FR 3 radios which were produced by Sweden at the beginning of the 1940s.

In the stand closest to the window is the radio set from the famous Avro Lancaster, England's most powerful bomber that that could take bombs weighing 8650 kg.

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