Amateur radio - contact with the whole word


This is a modern amateur radio station consisting of radio transmitters, radio receivers and power amplifiers connected to antennas up on the roof on top of the Radio Museum.

With this radio station we have radio connection with other radio amateurs around the world. Communication is by short wave and completely without contact with the Internet. The radio signal goes from our antennas directly to the corresponding antenna of the radio amateur we talk to. The output effect power of the transmitter is up to 1000 watts.

When we have had a radio contact, we usually send a postcard, so called QSL card, to the other radio amateur as a confirmation of our radio connection. You can see on the world map on the wall a selection of all the cards we have received from amateurs around the world.

Each radio amateur has a special designation or call sign that unequivocally describes where he belongs. You can see many different call signs on the cards. Our signal can be seen on the sign on the ceiling. It says SK6RM, where SK means that our radio is located in Sweden, 6 means western Sweden and RM is a personal and unique name for the Radio Museum.

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