From Gnistängen to Vallda/Lerkil


On the wall inside the door to the right is a model of the transmitter antenna for short wave in Vallda/Lerkil. It was a very effective antenna even by international standards. It concentrated transmission to one of six sectors and boosted the signal twenty times. Göteborg Radio started up at the Gnistängen, Swedish for "Spark meadow" in Göteborg, but was moved in 1948 to Onsala and Vallda. Up to one hundred operators and technicians worked at the station when it was at its peak.

The desk in the middle was used for short wave telegraphy or telephony with ships at sea. It was possible to connect six ships with subscribers ashore. The machine that stands on top of the station is a direction finding receiver that could be used, among other things, to determine the bearing to ships in danger.

The third desk was used to connect vessels to the telephone network on land. Six simultaneous phone calls could be managed. At this time one used VHF channels and border wave, located between medium wave and shortwave.

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